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Getting to GDC 2010

I don’t travel too often, but when I do I try and keep it as brief as possible.  Orlando airport has made this even better for me.  First, I printed my boarding pass, and then when I got to the airport they had something called the expert traveler lane.  Basically, people who know what they’re doing get in a different line and don’t have to wait for everyone who either has a family or doesn’t know exactly how to set up their bag.  Basically, I was through security in about 5 minutes.

From there it was two flights to San Fransisco and the last nosiest subway ride to the heart of the city.  A brief one block walk to our hotel and we were checked in.  Easy as pie, but boy my arms are killing me.  Tomorrow is the big show, and I’m pretty excited.  I’ll be trying to post every night after the conference on what I see and learn as well as posting on Twitter from the show floor.  But for now, rest.

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