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GDC 2010 – Day One

First real day in San Fransisco; enjoyed a breakfast at the cafe downstairs.  Took the morning to visit the city (and take pictures) before checking in with GDC proper.    The conference thus far is not nearly as large as I had expected, but is definitely full of people who love what they do and are excited to talk about what they’re doing.  I  look forward to Thursday when the booth crawl opens up and I’ll get a chance to meet more people.  I should have a lot more to say on those days, mostly just meeting up with classmates and getting a lay of the land for now.  I will say that I got to meet Ryan McCaffery (Senior Editor of OXM), which was pretty cool.

I can’t upload pictures that I’m taking because I don’t have the cables for it with me, but I’ll be sure to throw some up when I get back to Orlando.  That’s all for now, more to follow tomorrow.

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