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GDC 2010 – Day Three

Talks are what this show is all about in my mind.  The talks here are intense and I can tell it’s going to take a while to get all I can out of these.  The first talk of the day was the programming keynote which was optimization tools in-game for Starcraft II.  The ability to drill into functions and figure out what’s slowing down your game in real time or to see what the game is doing under the hood in a histogram allows for quick turn around on slow downs.  These are tools I’m going to have to work on implementing myself in order to drop them into games and projects in the future.  That way, I don’t have to deal with 3rd party programs slowing down my own software, trying to learn the interface for it, or how to read the data.

Second talk was on Bungie’s approach to design.  Being as that I have very little experience with design myself, this was a highly insightful talk into what I might be doing to designers and making their life harder.  Also looks like a lot of fun to play around with design elements, or to assist the designers in making sure their vision can be followed through on.

Other than that it was a pretty solid day of walking around and talking to the fine people running the booths.  Talked to a lot of folks about procedural generated content and it’s role in games, which is one of my personal passions.  Also got a chance to hang out at a couple parties and just generally talk about gaming in general.  It’s a very refreshing feeling to just find a large group of people who know all about games and are passionate about it.

Tomorrow is more talks, namely Sid Meir’s keynote on Game Design:  Everything you Know is Wrong and DX11 Tessellation from AMD.

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