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Sample Games

These are examples of my coding.  They range from my meeger beginings all the way up to the most recent projects.  Please keep in mind that many of these are simple due to time constraints or general age.

Clay Ball 0.2b (November 19, 2009) — [Download (10.7MB)]
This is a project done for my Engine Development I/II courses at Full Sail. All research was done on my own and is mostly meant as a tech demo. The car physics are only functional for terrain following, and the project on the whole is still very much a work in progress.
Note: This project will NOT work on ATI cards. This is due to shader support for OpenGL in their drivers.

The Hounds of Zaroff (June 17, 2009) — [Download (35.6MB)]
This is a 2D platformer written as my first attempt at doing a team game.   It was designed by 4 programmers and was mostly used as a learning experience for how to go about producing a game.

Jumble (December 16, 2008) — [Download (671 KB)]
This is the first ‘game’ I built at Full Sail.  It’s a console application of a very simple word game.
Note: Music will only work on Windows XP, you may need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package from Microsoft.